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Local Crime update from the 30 November up to present time:


Castle Bromwich


No reported Crime.




Theft of Motor Vehicle – On the 30th November at 15.00pm a white caravan STERLING ECCLES been stolen from MOXHULL ROAD, KINGSHURST.

Theft of Motor Vehicle – On the 02 December between 00.30am and 10.30am a Grey Nissan Nevada been stolen from Withy Grove.                        


Smiths Wood


No Reported Crime.



To Be Aware


We are currently experiencing a spate of suspected rogue trader activity in the Castle Bromwich area whereby males purporting to be from local companies are targeting elderly occupants and offering to repair damage to their roofs. The rogue traders offer to provide a free inspection of the roof using ladders and then capture using their mobile phone damage which they have caused to tiles, holes in the felt lining etc. The unsuspecting occupants are then shown the mobile phone images and charged an exorbitant repair fee with the rogue traders insisting on cash payment.

If you are confronted by any unsolicited approach to inspect your roof or other property structure decline the offer unless you have properly researched the company and are assured of their reputational credibility. A good roofer will have a website which lists their credentials ie membership with the Confederation of Roofing Contractors and always seek previous customer feedback. A common tactic is to charge an exorbitant fee for a loose roof tile and then offer a substantial one-day discount if a decision is made on the spot. 

Rogue traders are notorious for avoiding a written quote comprising a fully itemised breakdown of the material, labour and costs and providing shoddy workmanship as they have no real interest in completing the job to the best of their ability seeking to get it done as quickly as possible and be off with your money. Avoid impulse cash payments at the door and try to pay with a credit card if necessary as it affords the opportunity to claim your money back if something goes wrong.

Basically, if it sounds too good to be true or more expensive than most then it probably is a fraudulent approach.



Crime Prevention Advice


As the darker nights are now set in for the winter months remember a good way to deter burglars is to make it look as though somebody is at home.

The easiest ways to do this is by lighting the inside of your home. By using timers or smart plugs, you can set a small lamp to come on as the evening sets in, this helps to light up the home but prevent energy by leaving lights on all day.


When protecting your home from burglars think WIDEN

Windows: Lock your Windows

Interior: Put your interior lights on a timer

Doors: Double or deadlock your doors

Exterior: Put your exterior lights on a sensor

(N)neighbours: Keep and eye out for your neighbours



Kind Regards,


PCSO 31964 Postolache

Smitswood NPT

Chalmsley Wood Police Station




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