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St Alphege Neighbourhood Policing Team update

Good Evening,

Here is the latest crime update from the St Alphege Neighbourhood Policing Team.


St Alphege 26th November – 4th December 2023


Between 7:00pm and 11:00pm on Monday 27th a burglary occurred on LADBROOK ROAD. Offenders have gained access to a property undergoing building work and removed a hob, extractor, oven and microwave.

At about 02:20am on Monday 27th a burglary occurred on BEECHWOOD PARK ROAD. Offenders have gained access to the rear of the property, it’s believed that they have garden hopped from a neighbouring address. They have then snapped the lock on the rear door and entered the property where they have located the car keys which they have then used to take a grey BMW 320 from the driveway.

Between 5:10pm and 5:30pm on Wednesday 29th there was a burglary on ALDERBROOK ROAD. One offender has entered one back garden and jumped the fence into the garden next door where he has then climbed onto another fence which has enabled him to get on to the flat roof over the kitchen and then through an open upstairs window. A search was then made of the upstairs and a quantity of cash and jewellery.

At about 5:00pm on Wednesday 29th a burglary occurred on WOODLEA DRIVE. Offenders have forced the garage door open and stolen 2 electric bicycles from inside. One has been loaded into the rear of a small dark coloured suv type vehicle on a 17 plate and the other one was ridden off.

At about 6:40pm on Saturday 2nd a burglary occurred on BROWNS COPPICE AVENUE. 2 offenders have entered the rear garden from the rear garden of the property at the back. They have then found a ladder and using this have climbed up on to the roof of an extension. They have made a hole in an upstairs window and then forced the lock allowing entry in to the house, where they have then stolen a quantity of cash and jewellery.

Vehicle Crime

Between 00:01am and 02:30am on Monday 27th a BMW X5 was stolen from ROLLSWOOD DRIVE without keys. It is not known how entry was gained.

At about 11:50pm on Monday 27th a black ALFA ROMEO GIULIA was stolen from GLENFIELD CLOSE after 3 offenders had got out of a silver SUV type vehicle and approached the property. 2 went up to the door and held up some form of relay equipment while the third was able to get in to the vehicle once the signal had been received and take the car.

At about 10:25pm on Sunday 3rd on STONOR PARK ROAD a light coloured (silver or white) NISSAN JUKE has pulled up and 3 offenders have got out and approached a blue MERCEDES 190 on the driveway. They have spent about 1 and a half minutes at this vehicle and then left having been unable to get in.


The St Alphege and Blythe Neighbourhood Policing Team have have made some arrests for various offences including 2 shoplifters who were both remanded into custody. We have seized one vehicle for being involved in crime and after searching it found 2 offensive weapons.

Officers joined up with the DORCHESTER Community Street Watch group on one of their regular patrols.

14 vehicles were recorded speeding on 2 separate community speed watch sessions on MONKSPATH HALL RD and DORCHESTER R, all registered keepers have been written to.

Officers had the pleasure of speaking with the children of St Alphege pre-school who have been learning about the Police.


Remember, crime prevention is all about making it difficult for offenders to break in to your property or steal your vehicles. If they have to spend more time or make more noise than they want to they may give up and look elsewhere.

Please consider anti-snap locks to all outside doors. Look for at least 3 stars and the Kitemark when purchasing them.

Now that winter is well and truly here put all gardening equipment away in locked sheds or garages. Offenders will use anything they can to get inside. Lets not make it easy for them.

Put wheelie bins at the rear of your property away from gates and fences if you can. These can be used as a means to get over your fence and into your rear garden.

If you have a side gate or a fence bordering your garden then think about something called PRIKA STRIP. This is strips of hard rubber spikes that can be run along flat surfaces such as gates, fences and roofs, anybody attempting to climb on or over will find it difficult to put their hands on the surface due to these spikes.

Please consider a good steering lock for your vehicles, and check that your vehicle is locked before you walk away from it.

Pickpockets and purse dippers are active in the town centre and in the run up to Christmas they are likely to be more active. Shops will be crowded especially card shops so always make sure handbags are zipped up, never leave your handbag or purse unattended on a shopping trolley, pushchair or wheelchair. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you when withdrawing cash. A simple tactic against this type of crime is to attach small bells to your purse so that they jingle when purses are being moved.

Tamper proof screws for number plates are a good idea to protect number plates from being stolen.

If you use a bike to get out and about think about the lock that you secure it with. A D lock is one such lock. Simple chains can be cut through in seconds.

Please take 5 mins to read about ways you can prevent burglary and vehicle theft

Residential burglary | Your Options | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)

Theft of motor vehicle | Your Options | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)

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