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Binley and Willenhall Weekly Police Update

Here’s a quick round up from me of the Willenhall/Binley, Cheylesmore & Earlsdon Neighbourhood Team 


What’s been happening in Willenhall


Motor Vehicle Offences.  


We are experiencing a high volume of theft from motor vehicles. The Vehicles being targeted are transit vans. This continues to be a city-wide issue. Current intelligence suggests the offenders are using a Black Focus with 2008 and 2009 number plates. The offenders are approaching the vans drilling the locks and removing the tools from within. There have also been two theft of Motor vehicles. There doesn’t appear to be any pattern linking these offences. Following all reported incidents this week, we have been out to conduct house to house enquiries and CCTV trawls to identify any offenders. Please see below some of the things you can to prevent these things happening to your vehicle.


·         You can use anti-theft screws on number plates to prevent them from being taken.

·         Remove all belongings from your vehicles including small change.

·         Keep your car keys in a faraday pouch these prevent the signal being exploited

·         You could also consider using a disk lock or crook lock these are visual deterrents.

·         You can take your vehicle to a garage and get a cage up around the catalytic converter or you can get them written on in smart water to make them identifiable.


Drug dealing


We have had many reports of drug dealing in the area. We are continuing to try to identify the offenders, vehicles and the locations from which they are operating and we are patrolling the areas that have already been identified.


Stop searches of people and vehicles have been conducted in the area and the team have been successful in finding drugs and disrupting the supply.  


The team continues to work hard to identify cannabis cultivation and individuals dealing drugs.


Cannabis Cultivation is a major issue in the UK. The equipment to set up a farm is readily available and the operations that we have seen have gotten more and more sophisticated.

Many times we have spoken to members of the public who have indicated to us that they may know where a cannabis farm is but that they did not want to report it for fear of repercussions.

We would like to reassure our residents that the source of information given to the police is never disclosed to any other agencies or persons. The most typical way in which such information is managed is that upon receipt of information from a member of the public - such as a smell of cannabis or strange comings and goings - is that officers from the local team will make their own enquiries and record their findings, and this will be the basis for a warrant application.


If you have any information that you think may help us, please report via 101 or webchat. Or alternatively email us on binleyandwillenhall@westmidlands.police.uk




Please ensure you are closing windows when you are going out or going to bed and securing all doors and outbuildings.


Please find attached a document listing items which may help keep your property safe


If you see any suspicious behaviour, please report to us via 101 or webchat or if an emergency 999.


Anti-Social Behaviour 


The team are continuing to patrol our usual ASB hotspots and have seen a reduction in incidents when doing so, as well as responding to any new incidents. We are also aware of a number of problem individuals causing regular issues and we continue our efforts in identifying others.




We are aware of the beggars at the airport retail park, McDonalds and Lidl. West Midlands Police have offered help and signposted them to agencies who can assist them. We advise not to give them money.


We still continue to patrol these hotspots.


This Week


Officers have conducted an operation this week around airport retail and was successful in a number of arrests of prolific shoplifters.


We have increased patrols of area’s that have been targeted and will continue to do so. There is also additional guardian patrols are being conducted in the area after 11pm, in relation to Burglary and Vehicle Crime. Officers have been successful and have disturbed offenders.


Next week 


We will be increasing patrols around the ASB, burglary hotspots and the airport retail park.


Thank you for all your continued support.  


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