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Here is your quick round up from me and the rest of the Sherbourne neighbourhood policing team.

Dear Resident,
Here is your quick round up from me and the rest of the Sherbourne neighbourhood policing team.
What’s been happening?

This week has been a busy one. We started the week with a cannabis factory. Originally called in by a member of the public as a burglary of an address it was discovered on officer’s attendance that the property has been converted into a cannabis factory with three rooms within the property and the whole loft converted to be used in the cultivation of cannabis. Our team along with some of our colleagues from the north sector attended the location and dismantled the setup. A total of two hundred+ fully grown plants were recovered from the address filling seventeen large bags.

Officers on the team interviewed and charged a prolific shoplifter with twenty-five offences this week after the male was arrested at the start of the set. The male who has been shoplifting from a number of stores on a regular basis was stopped by security at a local store before officers attended and arrested the male. 

We have recovered five Stolen motorcycles this week following reports from the public about motorcycles being used or left in locations across our ward. At the start of the week three motorcycles were all recovered in the same place after a resident had reported seeing them stored in a communal shed at a block of flats. Officers attended and conducted checks on the motorcycles which showed all to be stolen. The motorcycles were recovered. Then on Sunday a further two were recovered by our PCSOs. One was recovered in the car park of a black of flats after a resident had noticed a group of males trying to cover the motorcycle. the vehicle was confirmed stolen and recovered. The final motorcycle was recovered from a local woodland after a report from a member of the public who had seen it when walking their dog. The motorcycle was located and confirmed stolen before it then had to be dragged out of the woodland with the help of out recovery agent.  


Crime Figures.

There has been Eight reported vehicle offence on the Sherbourne Ward over the past Nine days. There were Five Theft from Motor Vehicle offences that took place on Courtland Avenue (x2), Sussex Road, Tarlington road and Holyhead Road. There were Two Interference with Motor Vehicle offences that took place on Batsford Road and Lincroft Crescent. The final One was a Theft of Motor Vehicle that took place on the Alvis Retail Park on Holyhead Road.

There has been Five reported Burglary Offences on the Sherbourne Ward over the past Nine days. There were Three Residential Burglary of a Home offences that took place on Max Road, Redesdale Avenue and Cole Court. There were Two Residential Burglary of an Unconnected Building (garage or shed) offences that took place on Sussex Road and Browett Road.


Get involved.
Streetwatch is a community patrol initiative that helps you make a difference where you live. Street watch gives you and your community an opportunity to keep your area safe, including just walking round your neighbourhood, which can really help. Local police keep in regular contact with street watch members to share information and work in partnership with you.
If you are interested in taking part in a Streetwatch within the Sherbourne area you can contact the Holbrook, Radford, Sherbourne & Bablake team on holbrookandradford@westmidlands.police.uk


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