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Keeping your vehicle safe

Keeping your vehicle safe

Make sure your car is locked in the first place!

  • This may seem an obvious one, but a large proportion of thefts occur from unlocked vehicles.

  • Always check the vehicle is locked and the windows are up after using a keyfob.

  • Listen for the locking noise and watch for the lights to flash or mirrors to fold. “Check your fob has done its job.”

  • Do you have an alarm, tracker and immobiliser?

  • Make sure your vehicle has a Thatcham Research-certified alarm and immobiliser and tracking system fitted, be it as standard or aftermarket.

  • Some insurance policies require the fitment of a tracking device, so it’s important any associated subscriptions to monitoring services are maintained.

  • Consider more traditional security systems as a deterrent.

  • Equipment like a Sold Secure approved steering wheel lock, these can act as a visual deterrent for thieves. 

  • Secure against the ‘Relay Attack’

    If your car has Passive Keyless Entry and Start (PKES), it may be susceptible to a theft method called the ‘Relay Attack’.

    Consider the following to make things harder for thieves:

  • Purchase an approved signal blocking Faraday pouch to store your keys in (including all spares)

  • Refer to your user manual or manufacturer dealer to see if your Passive Entry can be deactivated 

  • Speak to your vehicle brands dealership to see whether your vehicle has security enhancements available. These could include software and firmware updates. 


    If you have purchased your vehicle second hand with only one working key, visit an approved repair centre to get the missing key(s) deleted and to add a spare as soon as possible.

    Check that any company you leave your key with is a member of an accredited code of practice / professional standard such as The Motor Ombudsman or The British Parking Association’s Park Mark scheme

    Link your security system to your smartphone if the vehicle allows

    Does your vehicle offer connectivity? Does it offer theft alert notifications via an app? If so, make sure all alerts and notifications are active. Subscriptions may apply, check with your vehicle’s manufacturer. 


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