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Preventing Burglary - Packing up for a quick holiday in spring?

It’s the perfect time to get in a quick getaway in Spring, especially now the nights are lighter and the weather is warmer.  

If you are going away, be sure to cancel any deliveries or milk rounds ahead of time. Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property. If you’re leaving a vehicle behind, can you add a steering lock or keys are in a Faraday pouch?

You can also charge your digital doorbell and use dusk till dawn LED lights so criminals cannot hide. If you have CCTV make sure this is connected to your mobile device and is included on your insurance policy.

Don’t post that you’re on holiday on social media. You’ll be surprised how information can spread quickly and this can help burglars see your home is empty. Instead, opt for posting your holiday snaps on socials after you return!

Ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your property and report any strange activity or unexpected visitors to you. Let them know if they are concerned about someone trying to access your house they should call 999. 

As an extra precaution, lock your porch, side entrances and close your blinds/curtains to make it difficult for anyone to see into your property. 

For more advice from West Midlands Police visit 27 Station Road | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)

To report crime or anything suspicious call 101 or please visit Residential burglary | Your Options | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)

In an emergency always dial 999. 

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