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Weekly update from the Smethwick Neighbourhood Policing team

Dear Resident,



Here’s a quick round up from me and the rest of the Smethwick Neighbourhood team. 


What’s been happening


  • Officers have this week been busy as usual trying to keep our neighbourhood safe including our roads. A number of cars have been seized for different reasons – no tax, no insurance and we even seized a car after officers found a number of foreign cigarettes in the boot that were being sold directly from the car.
  • PCSO’s held a police surgery at Smethwick Library this week. The library was really quite busy which was great to see and we were able to offer some assistance to a couple of local residents needing a point in the right direction with some issues they were having.
  • Officers visited an address this week and came away with 2 extra people in tow. On entering the premises officers found a male and female residing, both of whom were wanted for fail to appear. Needless to say, they were arrested and escorted back to custody for processing (again!!). Right place, right time..
  • PCSO’s have been out and about with a number of our Street Watch members this week conducting our monthly walks. It’s great to see such commitment from members of the community.
  • In conjunction with our Street Watch walks, we have this week joined Age UK on a walk in West Smethwick Park – the walks last about an hour and are arranged by Age UK. If you would like to get involved, visit the Age UK website or ask one of the PCSO’s when you see us out and about.
  • Officers had another great arrest this week following some information provided by members of the public and a bit of digging from the PCSO’s. A prolific shop lifter who had recently been released from prison had started to offend again. Officers attended the address to find the offender asleep. He was swiftly arrested and taken back to custody on prison recall. 
  • PCSO’s have been visiting Bearwood Baptist Church – The Hub. This is a weekly gathering for anyone struggling with food, clothing, cost of living and offer somewhere and someone to talk too.
  • Folks… a reminder regarding Aldi on Bearwood High Street. This is now closed until October 2024. Unfortunately, some people are still visiting to do their shopping. The car park still has available spaces for those of you wanting to use the other shops on the high street.

    A big thanks to


  • To all our Street Watch volunteers – we really do appreciate you giving up your time to conduct the walks and we’re sure your neighbours and local residents appreciate you as much as we do.

    Next week…


    Kayes Funfair will be landing in Victoria Park from 5th April so please expect an increase in cars and visitors to the area. As it is still Half Term, get yourself down to the park for some Half Term fun.

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