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Keeping your home Safe & Secure

Dear Resident 

During the Spring months, we know that people want to let the fresh air in and dust off the winter blues. Be careful not to welcome in burglars who will take any opportunity to steal from your home. 

Keeping your doors, windows and porches closed and securely locked are important, especially if the weather is nice and you're outside or entertaining people in your garden.

It’s equally important to keep your patio doors and outside space secure. We have had an increasing number of reports of burglars entering homes via the back door, conservatory doors, or through the garage. 

We encourage you to:

  • Put away any tools, ladders and stools after use and to lock up your shed/garage once you are done. 
  • Take note of where your wheelie bins are stored – burglars will often use wheelie bins to get on top of a garage roof or gain access to a side entrance/garden fence. 
  • Do not prop open doors at the back of your house, add secure locks, and remove all valuables away from open windows/doors. 
  • Have you thought about…

  • If you have a pet, consider securing the cat flap at night or removing keys that can be reached via a cat flap. 
  • Removing keys from your doors, especially doors with glass panels, is very important. Most locks are snapped or windows broken to gain access – keep keys out of sight.
  • Keep your calendar away from prying eyes. Burglars will use this to understand your routine and learn when your home will be empty.
  • For more advice from West Midlands Police, visit 27 Station Road our interactive burglary crime scene. 

    To report crime or anything suspicious call 101 or please visit our website here.

    In an emergency always dial 999. 

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