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Anti-social behaviour and illegal use of off-road bikes.

Good afternoon Resident,


Officers and specialist teams in Solihull are working hard to crack down on anti-social behaviour. 

We have received more reports recently of illegal use of off-road bikes, quad bikes, and scooters in your area. 

Dangerous and reckless driving of a vehicle in a public space will not be tolerated by West Midlands Police. 

Vehicles will be seized and crushed if riders do not follow the law. Offenders can also be arrested, prosecuted, and given a fine.

We need your help to track down illegal off-road bikes and other vehicles. 

If you spot off-road bikes in a public space or know the location where off-road bikes are being stored, please get in touch using the different options below. 


Did you know?

1. Driving or riding on quad bikes, three-wheeled bikes, trail bikes, and some other two-wheeled vehicles in public parks, or publicly-owned land without permission is illegal. 

2. Before you drive or ride a motorbike, you must have the correct driving license, have valid insurance, have a valid MOT, and must be the minimum driving age.

3. To drive a quad bike on the road, it must be approved, registered, taxed, and have a MOT (if required). You must also register this with the DVLA and have number plates attached to the front and back.


What we’re doing about illegal off-road bikes and other illegal vehicles:

West Midlands Police have a specialist team of off-road motorcyclists who can enter public parks, paths, and wastelands to track down offenders. 

We also have trained more officers to carry SelectaDNA spray which helps local teams forensically mark and track offenders.

We are listening to the concerns of local residents and businesses. 

We have carried out numerous off-road bike operations across the West Midlands, and have seized multiple off-road bikes. 

We are also working with Solihull Community Housing to keep your local area safe. 

You can report a range of anti-social behaviour by emailing bikeissues@solihullcommunityhousing.org.uk or by calling the team on 

0121 717 1500


Other ways to report anti-social behaviour in your area:

You can report crime 100% anonymously on the Crimestoppers helpline

0800 555 111 or by visiting their website at www.crimestoppers-uk.org

You can report anti-social behaviour online via our Live Chat  or by calling 101. If you believe life is in danger please call 999.

Kind regards





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