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Weekly update from the Bloxwich neighbourhood policing team

Dear all,  

Here’s a resume from me and the rest of the Bloxwich neighbourhood policing team regarding what we have done.  


What’s been happening  


  • We’ve been patrolling Bloxwich High Street regarding shop thefts from our usual shoplifters. Creating patrols around these areas makes us being able to deter any crime that could happen, not only that but receive intel on previous days regarding incidents that had happened and create a bond with our local shop owners and provide them safeguarding on this matter.
  • Foot patrols and Vehicle patrols were realized around Bloxwich Area due to report of ASB and Off-Road bikes being driven, we always on the lookout for this so we can create a safe area.
  • We have once again realized a streetwatch patrol with the usual team and great interactions with our PCSO’s who support the scheme joined them on patrol around the Turnberry estate, it was amazing to interact with our streetwatch team and we thank them for helping keeping the community safe.


Below are some ways in which you can protect your home, as well as what we are doing to prevent your house being targeted:

What can you do to feel secure?

  • Get a locksmith to change the barrel in your doors to an Anti-snap lock
  • Invest in security lighting, alarms, cameras.
  • Make sure all doors are locked
  • Join Neighbourhood Watch to look after your street.
  • Join Streetwatch and patrol your area.


Updating your home security? A small investment in an anti-snap lock could really pay off and today’s top tip to beat the burglar.


Twitter/ X – We try and tweet as often as we can between our commitments. So, follow us over there for any updates on what we are getting up to. @BloxwichWMP

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