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Your Weekly Bablake Update

Dear Residents

Your Weekly Bablake Update



In the past week there have been three residential burglaries. Two of these were committed on Dickens Road on the same night. When disturbed, the offenders were seen making off in a black BMW. Unfortunately, it was bearing cloned number plates.

The third happened on Scots Lane, whereby offenders broke into a garage. They were disturbed by a neighbour who challenged them and they made off.



Unfortunately, there has been numerous vehicle crime reports. There have been eleven reports of vehicles being broken in to. These have happened all over the ward and not just in a specific street or area. 

Some of these vehicles were left locked and secure and some that the owners had forgotten to lock.

Six vehicles have also been stolen. These happened on Sadler Road, Reservoir Walk, Lionfields Avenue and three at various locations on Tamworth Road.



 A cannabis factory was located on Benson Road this week.  No one present at the address so no one in custody.

A robbery occurred, officers attended and after a bit of search found two of the offenders. Two in custody for Robbery.

Another person was arrested for assaulting a police officer. The offender had drugs on their person and when the officer went to conduct a personal search, the offender lashed out! This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. Offender being dealt with accordingly.


Stay safe.


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