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Sherbourne Weekly Update

Dear Residents

Your Weekly Sherbourne Update



There have been two burglaries in the past week. These have happened on Holyhead Road and Stepping Stones Road.

Entry was gained by climbing through an open window. 

If you are going out, please make sure all your windows and doors are locked.

Offenders have also attempted to break into a house on Lammas Road. On this occasion, the offenders were scared off by the resident’s dog barking at them!!!.



There have been several reports of vehicle crime in the past week.

Two vehicles were stolen from Malvern Road and Hollyfast Road. On both occasions the vehicles were left locked and secure.

Six vehicles have been broken into and items stolen. These have happened on Grayswood Ave, Dallington Road, Cranford Road, Byfield Road, Holyhead Road and the Alvis Retail Park. 

When parking your vehicle, please do not leave items on display. This is temptation for opportunist offenders.



 A cannabis factory was located in the area this week.  No one present at the address so no one in custody.

A robbery occurred, officers attended and after a bit of search found two of the offenders. Two in custody for Robbery.

Another person was arrested for assaulting a police officer. The offender had drugs on their person and when the officer went to conduct a personal search, the offender lashed out! This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. Offender being dealt with accordingly.


Stay safe.


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