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Blythe Crime update.

Dear Resident,

Reported Crime.

Between Tuesday 9th March – Wednesday 17th March there have been no burglaries, attempted burglaries, theft of vehicles or theft from motor vehicles reported on Blythe.

St Alphege NPT patrolled with Dickens Heath Street Watch on Monday evening, keeping the Community safer.

St. Alphege NPT will continue our patrols in and around the area. Please come and say hello and have a chat.


If you are considering extra security measures for your property, ensure that all products installed are of a British Standard or Secured by Design. For more information on security products please see the following site:


  • If you are considering a house alarm, ensure that you source any alarm from a reputable company. For more information please see the following site:
  • www.ssaib.co.uk


  • If you are considering installing or upgrading your CCTV, ensure that any system allows you to achieve the following:
  • Any images should be recorded onto a secure system and be held for a minimum of 31 days.

    For more information on choosing a CCTV supplier please see the following link: 


  • Ensure that all shrubs and hedges do NOT encroach the maximum height of 1m and Tree canopies are lifted to 1.8m. This allows for maximum natural surveillance.

  • Ensure that all fences are the same height as smaller fencing abutting higher fencing acts as a potential climbing aid for offenders.

  • Ensure that all garden furniture is stored away in a garden shed along with any tools to avoid aiding offenders in committing burglary.

  • Ensure that Wheelie Bins are not stored near to fences and are chained together to prevent them from being used as climbing aids or storing objects in that may aid an offender to commit a crime.


    Kind Regards,

    Roland Tabb

    PCSO 30966

    St. Alphege NPT.

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