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Your neighbourhood team have been busy this week with helping to progresses criminal investigations across the city. We have been trying to focus on our ASB hot spots, helping those that have called the 9’s and 101 for service whether it is emergency calls or neighbour disputes. 


We have recovered stolen vehicles that have been dumped in our city as well as taking those of the streets that are driving with out driving licences, Insurance or TAX, in a token effort to bring down the coast in premiums passed on to those people out there driving legally.


Crime for the Radford area between 02/06/24 to the 07/06/24


20/530164/24 Interference with a motor vehicle - BLACKWATCH ROAD, COVENTRY, CV6 3FJ

20/551954/24 Robbery - Catesby Road, Coventry, CV6 3EW

20/552068/24 Robbery - WARDEN ROAD, COVENTRY, CV6 3EL

20/553245/24 Theft from a motor vehicle - ROMSLEY ROAD, COVENTRY, CV6 3LG

20/554421/24 Theft of a motor vehicle - POOLE ROAD, COVENTRY, CV6 1HF

20/555244/24 Theft from a motor vehicle - FYNFORD ROAD, COVENTRY, CV6 1NA

20/556699/24 Theft of a motor vehicle - HEATHCOTE STREET, COVENTRY, CV6 3BJ

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