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Dear resident

Here is a round-up of what has been happening in Willenhall South, New Invention, and Short Heath this last week.


Crimes & Crime prevention**

Willenhall North:

Burglary residential  x 1 where a vehicle was taken with keys



Short Heath:

Theft form Motor vehicle x 1 (VRM plates taken)

Burglary of business x 3



Willenhall South:

Theft from motor vehicle x  2 (VRM plates taken)

Theft of motor vehicle x 2

Criminal Damage to dwelling x 1

Burglary Business x 1

Attempt Burglary x 2


Please see links below for crime prevention advice

Business and community burglary | Your Options | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)

Residential burglary | Your Options | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)

Theft from motor vehicle | Your Options | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)

Theft of motor vehicle | Your Options | West Midlands Police (west-midlands.police.uk)


Here are some ways you can protect your home and your possessions:


· Keep jewellery and other valuables in a safety deposit box – your insurer can provide suitable advice. If you prefer to keep jewellery at home, invest in a safe that is installed to manufacturer’s instructions.

· Photograph your jewellery on a plain background with a ruler next to it to give an idea of size to help in its recovery or for insurance purposes.

· Keep an inventory - this can be done in a paper version or online at www.immobilise.com – secure asset register. Include identifying marks, images, value and the purchase date. You can also register your possessions for free at www.secureassetregister.com

· Keeps your windows and doors locked even when you’re in. Double check if criminals can access your upstairs windows by climbing on to a garage roof or fence wall.

· Move designer goods and jewellery away from back doors, front doors, and windows.

· Be careful when disposing of packaging, hide this from view or place in bin bags out of sight.

 For more safety tips on how to secure your home, visit our crime prevention website > https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/your-options/residential-burglary/#prevention



Community Events


Pcso Lally has attended Short Heath Primary School, Lodge Farm Primary School and Woodlands Primary school to speak to Year 6. We have discussed ASB, Good Citizen, Knife Crime and Social Media.


Officers attended Willenhall Memorial Park on 07/07 for the Sucha Mela, it was nice to see such a good turnout by the local and Sikh Community. The weather was very hit and mix with some heavy rain showers but the show still went on. 







**Contact us**

If you have any information that may assist Police or any other concerns please get in touch!!


Call 999 in emergencies. Call 101 for Non-Emergencies.
You can also use our online chat facility here by following this link - www.west-midlands.police.uk/contact-us/live-chat





This week we attended Khalsa Football Club, Noose Lane i/c with Walsall Council Enforcement Officers to monitor the parking. The Enforcements Officers gave out 15 tickets to vehicles parked on double yellow lines. Please be mindful to other road users when parking your vehicle. Willenhall Neighbourhood team will be working closely Walsall Council Enforcement Officers in the Willenhall area to combat parking issues. 






Kind Regards Willenhall Neighbourhood Team


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